Malaysia to officially abolish mandatory death penalty as soon as January next year

“Lianhe Zaobao” reported on June 13 that the Malaysian government is expected to introduce a bill to abolish the mandatory death penalty in the parliamentary session in October.

Malaysia’s mandatory death penalty could be officially abolished as soon as January next year if all goes well, Malaysiakini reported on Monday, Minister Wan Junaidi in the Prime Minister’s Department (Legal Affairs) said.

Wang zhunaidi said that before the first reading of the amendment to abolish the mandatory death penalty, the government will conduct an investigation to solicit people’s views and opinions on the abolition of the mandatory death penalty. “After all, the perpetrators and the victims will definitely have different opinions.” Wang zhunaidi said: “If all goes well, the bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament in October and the amendments sent to the upper house in December. It will be abolished in January next year.”